On joining the anti-banter campaign

On joining the anti-banter campaign

I was pleased to note earlier this week that it’s not just me acknowledging how damaging the notion of “banter” can be in the work or educational space.

A new guide, “Opening Doors”,  from the Institute of Physics, as reported by the BBC, argues that schools do not take sexist “banter” as seriously as they (rightly) take racist and homophobic language – and makes the point that “this can lead to gender stereotyping and turn girls away from studying science subjects as often as boys.”

Given the massive gap that we see in women in STEM careers, surely educators need to acknowledge the part that words can play on influencing the career choices made by young women,  and actively seek to stamp out inappropriate language and gender stereotyping?

Banter_(c) @100Banter? No, thanks.


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