On speaking (or typing) too soon …

On speaking (or typing) too soon …

… my Kindle died yesterday.

The screen has fractured and it’s unreadable.

This is,  of course,  the absolute downside of relying on one device for all of your reading needs – when it dies,  so do your hopes of doing any reading while you’re away.

So I am disconsolate and without decent reading material – and also engaged in all sorts of crap customer service exchanges with Amazon,  who don’t seem to appreciate at all that

  • I’m away,
  • have very limited internet access (all of their “report this problem” protocols are URL based)
  • and want me to call a UK free phone 0800 number – and I can’t.

Watch this space …

Reading Material-less in Goa


3 thoughts on “On speaking (or typing) too soon …

  1. Same thing happened to mine, at home, safe on a table. No idea why. Happy with my replacement of course, but fearful that it might happen again.


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