PIN money in India – for some

PIN money in India – for some

(c) The Observer

Lots of stuff in the media about India this week,  primarily in the wake of the Obamas’ visit to Mumbai and Delhi.

Two wildly different stories caught my eye and reminded me of the contrasts which exist in this huge, disparate country.

On the one hand,  we have the fabulously charismatic Michelle Obama (for once, with those great arms all covered up) meeting street children in Mumbai, dancing and playing hopscotch.  I defy anyone to look at this filmed footage of her dancing with the children (see how they’ve really got those Bollywood moves nailed!) and not raise a grin:

… meanwhile, across the country in Bhopal,  we learn that:

“Tycoon Rajesh Jethpuria has installed an ATM at his home in Bhopal, India – so his shopalcoholic (sic) wife never runs out of cash …”

I fly to Mumbai a week today – and I am so looking forward to seeing Renuka and the children at Rainbow House for the first time since February.


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