Returning soon to BBC4: Mad Men, series 4

Returning soon to BBC4: Mad Men, series 4

I realise that,  based on the date of  this Guardian article,  appreciating that people are pretending to be Mad Men characters is a bit 2009,  but humour me;  I’m a relatively recent Twitter user and I just didn’t know that even-more-avid fans than me were actually,  you know, Tweeting as  Joan, Betty, Don and co.

What I also didn’t know was that the “Dons” and “Petes” would follow you back!

_DonDraper (_DonDraper) is now following your tweets on Twitter.

A little information about _DonDraper:

290 tweets
following 12110 people

If you want to follow them too,  the characters that I’ve randomly selected from amongst the many are: DonDraperSCDP,  bettydraper,  PeggyOlson, lanepryce,  SecretarySCDP, Sal_Romano and  (but of course) TheJoanHolloway.

Here’s a recent (and contemporary) “Don” Tweet:

“I saw a male stewardess lose his mind on the plane the other day. You should never hire a man to do a woman’s work.”

(More on the inherent sexism in MM in this piece in the Atlantic,  by the way).

In other Mad Men news,  and hard on the heels of the call from Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone for young girls to emulate Christina Hendricks’ figure rather than, say,  Paris Hilton’s,  here’s what the New Statesman has to say about Mattel’s new range of MM Barbie dolls:

“ … the Joan doll appears substantially underweight, her lollipop head wobbling on spindly plastic limbs, shrinking Hendricks’s curves into a body type that the toy company claims is more in keeping with “the aesthetic” of the show. Peggy Olson, a mousy-but-talented copywriter in Mad Men, has not been made into a doll, because frumpy, difficult and demanding women never get to be Barbie, whatever their accomplishments.”

Poor Peggy.

Anyway,  season 4 is apparently starting on BBC4 shortly.  Can’t wait …


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