Want to be on TV, ladies?

Want to be on TV, ladies?

Just received this press release – I only qualify for a few of the criteria,  but maybe you score on two for two:

Are you stylish and over forty but fed up of what’s on offer on the high street? When you shop for fashion is it not as much fun as it used to be? Retail guru and television presenter Mary Portas is about to start filming a new Channel 4 TV series and wants to speak to you. The series will follow Mary’s quest to fill the gap in the fashion market for fabulous, forty-plus women. Mary believes that women like her – strident, confident forty-plus women – have dropped off the fashion and retail industry’s radar. Mary wants to put them back at the centre of the retail industry and give them the same fabulous shopping experience of women half their age.

As part of the television series Mary is looking for a group of opinionated women to act as her focus group, advising her on anything from where to buy the best fitting dress to road testing whole fashion collections.

If you’re interested in being involved please email maryportas@optomen.com with your name, contact details and why you’d like to be part of the show.


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