In the pink

In the pink

Spring is on the way and I’m marking it by refreshing the look of the blog.  I’m also celebrating having a guest blog piece published on one of my favourite websites, The Thin Pink Line. I’ve been a fan of this site (and its founders – check two of them out on the Recommended Reading link) for some years now,  so I’m tickled, em, pink, to be published on there.

My article in question is another take on last month’s launch of the ILGA website,  which is continuing its promise to be a go-to source of news and updates on matters which impact the LGBTI community. Good to see refreshed news items on the front page every time I visit.

My very wonderful network of friends continue to keep up the good work and ensure that I’m invited to relevant and interesting events in the diversity space.  In a few days’ time,  I’ll be at city law firm Herbert Smith listening to Britain’s most successful Paralympic athlete, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson (she’s won 11 gold medals and broken 30 world records) speaking on motivation, success, diversity and reaching your potential.  More on what she has to say towards the end of the week.


One thought on “In the pink

  1. This is great news! I attribute my own personal, professional choice to work in finance, and my sister’s to become a doctor to our mother’s far ahead of the times conscious decision to incporate both Barbies and Tonka trucks, fisher price kitchens, tool kits, and a wide range of legos, play dough, and arts and crafts into our childhood, instead of painting it pink.


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