The Sari-ority Sisters

The Sari-ority Sisters

I witnessed a very funny sight a few evenings ago.  I was having a drink at a beach bar and,  from time to time,  a few of the other guests would get up and dance on the sand if they happened to like one of the songs from the shack’s sound system. I glanced up from my book at one point in order to see six sari-clad women take to the floor and execute what was a clearly a very well rehearsed dance routine to that 90s classic “Achy Breaky Heart”,  complete with heel-toe kicks and hand flicks.

It’s hard to explain quite how funny I found this but suffice it to say that it was good enough to get me back there the following evening in order to see if they were there and were doing it again – and they were! They launched into “ABH” once again with great gusto,  after which I went over, said hello and complimented them lavishly on their dance routine.

Over a “mocktail”,  as the ladies don’t drink,  I learned that they are a group of four sisters and two friends from Kolkata,  who are in Goa for a long weekend ahead of two of the sisters having a joint wedding day next month, on a date deemed by the astrologers to be auspicious.

They told me that they love dancing and have incorporated some Bollywood moves into the routines to a few songs – so over the next hour or so,  we were treated to their highly impressive renditions of “YMCA”, the “Macarena” (haaaaiiiii!), “Greased Lightning” and, randomly, Peter Andre’s “Mysterious Girl”.



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