My Top 10 “useful in Goa” list

My Top 10 “useful in Goa” list

So I’m on my way home and am currently resident in the business lounge at Mumbai airport (again – a pronounced contrast to much of my life for the past four weeks), availing myself of their free wireless.  I’ve got so many topics about which I want to blog, not least about my time spent in Bangalore and with the children at Rainbow House,  but have been profoundly hampered by limited wi-fi access – but I’ll get to it as soon as I’m home.  Perhaps I can write off-line during my forthcoming ten hour flight …

Ahead of then, here’s my Top Ten list of things which have been really useful over the last month in Goa – in no particular order,  may I offer up:

  1. A universal bath plug: a traveller’s cliché, to be sure,  but it was very handy when doing the odd spot of hand washing – which leads me to:
  2. Laundry paper: a small plastic box of soap sheets which dissolve in either hot or cold water and are handy for freshening up swimsuits and the like; available from top kitchenware porn site, Lakeland;
  3. High factor suncream: mahogany’s the colour of a wooden table, not my skin and so I’ve been smothered in SPF 40 for the last 4 weeks. On the one hand,  I don’t have much of a tan (leading to pitying comments from other Brits – “You’ve not got much of a colour love,  have you just got here?” – last Friday …) ; on the other hand, my skin looks and feels really good.  On one occasion,  I dialled the SPF down to 25 and I burned,  which just goes to show how deceptively strong the sun can be in Goa. If you visit,  bring your own high SPF,  as I didn’t see anything stronger than SPF 15 for sale; I also saw many tourists using pure coconut oil,  but that’s a whole other post;
  4. As predicted – my own reading material. It had to be done – I saw many second-hand books for sale,  but nothing that I wanted to read (cf previous posts on Dan Brown et al);
  5. Clothes pegs: useful for so many things: clipping errant bedroom curtains together, securing my sunhat to an umbrella spoke whilst sunbathing – as well as their primary use;
  6. My laptop – say no more. As well as for blogging,  it’s also been a great conversation starter – what am I doing, why am I here, what am I writing etc.  Great way to meet people and make friends;
  7. Boots Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum: I’ve gone through two tubes of this stuff; fabulous on sun parched skin.
  8. Lots of pairs of dark-coloured flips-flops: there’s no point in wearing actual shoes,  because of the sand and dirt; and the soil here,  due to the iron ore,  is very red and it stains,  so black/dark brown/navy footwear is the only way to go. Get rubber ones rather than fabric so that you can rinse off the crap under the shower.
  9. Linen/cotton trousers (full length): they may help to deter insect bites in the evening. Perhaps.  And finally:
  10. Anti-bacterial handwash: for both your bathroom (none of my bathrooms over the past month have had soap provided,  so it was useful to bring my own)  and your bag. I use the dry type when I’m out and about (a tip for which I will always be grateful to Leisa) and I’m sure my rigorous, almost OCD-cum-Lady-Macbeth like sluicing of my hands a million times a day has kept me healthy whilst away.

There’ll be more about Goa once I’m home,  but for now – my Jet Airways flight is being called. Jaldi, jaldi!


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