And another thing …

And another thing …

…. I’m sorry to have to report that the vitamin B1 option does not work.  As previously referenced, I have been faithfully taking 500 mg of B1 per day since 1st November,  in the hope that it would,  as promised,  serve as a more natural and organic mosquito repellent.  Even before I left England,  TLS mentioned that he could “smell the tablets” on me and it’s true that I did whiff a bit … of the container of tablets.  It’s not unpleasant, and could best be described as distinct – but I thought that this was a good thing,  as presumably that’s the idea: you excrete an aroma, which the mosquito dislikes and so they keep away.

Or so I hoped.

Anyway,  I haven’t been aware of the smell lately,  but I thought that was possibly a combination of getting used to it and, more likely, being able to smell so many other, stronger smells here (cows, curry, suntan oil … ) that I’d just stopped noticing it.

However,  I’ve now concluded that the vitamins just aren’t working,  as I was eaten alive the other evening. By accident,  I found myself outside at around 6pm,  just as it was getting dark,  which is prime hunting time for the insects. After about 5 minutes, I felt a sharp bite on my ankle – which was not in The Plan. I do normally carry an insect repellent spray or roll-on with me (although I hadn’t had cause to use it, as I’ve not been outside at 6 ish,  other than on the beach,  which is more insect free) but,  due to the inadvertent nature of my evening … there I was,  on the veranda of Rainbow House, waiting for my little sponsored daughter, Renuka,  to come home from her dancing class … and,  by the time she arrived,  half an hour later,  my legs were a mass of bites – in spite of being clad in long cotton trousers.

By the time I got back to the hotel,  I was itching and I later counted up that I had nearly FORTY bites on my feet, legs and wrists.

So I’m going to give up on the vitamins and just carry on using the Indian anti-mozzie product, Odomos.

I hope the bites fade soon – they are really unsightly and itch like hell.

(No photos; I’m not ready for my close up whilst I look so spotty).


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