Two women + two children + one scooter

Two women + two children + one scooter

= transport, Goan style.

I took this photo from the inside of a branch of  “Cafe Coffee Day”, a national chain which is India’s answer to Starbucks and where their equivalent of a “grande” latte is about 50p.

(Don’t go there with the skinny, decaff, no whip stuff, though; even a latte takes about half an hour to prepare,  without further complicating the process).

Anyway, back to the photo; if you look closely,  you can see that the first woman (with her hands up, tying her hair back) has a baby attached to her in a sling and the woman on the left is holding a toddler. A few moments later, they fired up the scooter,  wedged the toddler onto the seat between them and roared off. No helmets, of course – they don’t seem to be in use by anyone here.


4 thoughts on “Two women + two children + one scooter

  1. Do you know Cleo, I was told that legislation in India means it is only mandatory for men to wear helmets? How archaic is that? Hence the reason you never see Women or children with helmets!


    1. I think you got that nugget from me on my previous blog, when I visited Delhi last year!

      Helmets do seem to be more mandatory here in Bangalore, thankfully.


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