Also for sale on the beach … and a brief update

Also for sale on the beach … and a brief update

To add to my earlier list, I have also observed the following for sale on the local beach:

  • Cigarettes (about a fifth of the price they are in the UK);
  • Chess sets;
  • Carved wooden elephants;
  • Copies of the Kama Sutra (“it transcends language, madam” – apparently …);
  • Pastries and croissants;
  • Newspapers.

We are still experiencing terrible rain storms here (see photo – look at that sky!),  with rumours circulating of a further cyclone. Several people in my hotel have gone home early and the local traders are very depressed at this appalling start to the tourist season. There’s also a local authority “issue” (and apparently talk of civic bribery and corruption …) which has meant that most of the beach shacks are not yet open, so all areas of the local economy are suffering; it’s something of a perfect storm of bad news for the locals.

 I’m visiting Rainbow House later today and having tea with the little girl I sponsor, Renuka.  She is 8 years old and lives at the home as her mother (who works as a maid) could not afford to support her after her alcoholic father left them last year. I’m also hoping to learn if the cyclone damage to the school has been repaired so that we can re-commence lessons; it’s all been so chaotic out here on a number of fronts and the news is mixed.

Watch this space …


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