The future’s Green, the future’s female

The future’s Green, the future’s female

I’m still catching up on emails and news stories from earlier this month, but I was pleased to see Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas (and, upon checking out her website, I note that I’m almost in her consituency, I think) calling for equal representation between men and women at the top level of European politics.

Brave woman – she’s calling for quotas.

Writing to PM Gordon Brown, Ms Lucas insisted that equality in politics could result in more women in business jobs and other top ranking positions in society.

She said: “European policies at the highest level need to unequivocally reflect the needs and aspirations of all Europeans. The new face of the European Union must reflect the fundamental European values of justice and equality.”

The European Summit is set to be held on October 29th and 30th, with the highest positions within the European Parliament being decided at the event.

I am making a diary note …

Last night I also caught up on BBC2‘s dramatisation of “The Last Days of Lehman Brothers”, which was an excellent clip through the events of September 2008 which led to the collapse of that once mighty investment bank. As I always do, I took a quick headcount, looking for the women, and counted three: two secretaries, one (dormant) wife. Pale, male and stale? Or, put another way, a reminder of the accuracy of Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times op-ed column earlier this year:

“Wall Street is one of the most male-dominated bastions in the business world; senior staff meetings resemble a urologist’s waiting room.”

Well, quite.


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