This is what a feminist looks like

This is what a feminist looks like

Today I did something which I should have done a while ago – I joined the Fawcett Society and signed up to make regular financial contributions.

The email acknowledgement I’ve just received serves as a stark reminder of why we need the Fawcett Society, even in 2009:

Thank you for adding your voice to the campaign by supporting the Fawcett Society with a regular donation.

Despite the myth that feminism is dead, inequality is alive and kicking. On average women get just 83p for every £1 of income received by men, less than 7 out of every 100 reported rapes results in conviction and only 20% of MPs are women. We are working hard to change this reality and close the gender gap in access to power, money and justice. Your support will go a long way to help us achieve this.

And what exactly does a feminist look like?

Well, once I receive my Fawcett Society tshirt:

FS_feminist tshirt

… I guess that it will look like me.


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