Is this my future – who knows?

Is this my future – who knows?

Another difficult Friday at work today (although, as TLS has just pointed out, “Only one left!” – which may possibly be his idea of Cheering Me Up).

Anyway, my friend Lisanne, one of the many fabulous women in Cleo World, has just emailed me this article, entitled “The Get-Started-Now Guide to Becoming Self Employed”.

Here’s the opener:

“One of the best things I ever did was quit my day job and become self-employed. I’m so happy with it that I’m recommending it to everyone: my kids, my friends, my sisters.

One sister has already started her own fitness business and I’m strongly urging the other to go out on her own as well.

And while being your own boss can be scary and a little risky, it’s not as difficult as people think. You do have to be someone who loves his freedom, likes to be able to set his own schedule, likes to work on things he’s excited about.

I know, that’s a tall order.”

Thanks for making me smile, Lisanne; this article really did Cheer Me Up.


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