More “Mad Men” – as featured in “New York” magazine.

More “Mad Men” – as featured in “New York” magazine.

A couple of years ago, I picked up a copy of “New York” magazine when I was out there on a business trip, and instantly found myself enthralled by its mix of news stories, political commentary (John Heilemann’s election campaign coverage during 2008 kept me very well informed), TV and movie reviews and, perhaps best of all, the now-on-the-back-page “Approval Matrix”, which divides the page into quarters and dubs news stories and events as “Highbrow/Despicable”, “Highbrow/Brilliant” and the “Lowbrow” equivalents.

Always good to know, for example, where a woman alleging that she was asked to leave an IKEA store in Brooklyn for breast-feeding sits on the moral compass, I think.

Because I am married to he who is officially the World’s Nicest Man, TLS, I am now a happy recipient of a massively overpriced but much loved by me subscription to “New York” magazine, which hits my London doormat at annoyingly sporadic intervals but which is always pounced upon and read immediately.

The most recent edition arrived yesterday, mid way through my as previously mentioned “Mad Men” marathon so I hit pause and opened it up … only to discover that the on-the-pulse editorial team had not let me down and were running a couple of “Mad Men” stories.

Here’s a link to a good interview with Christina Hendricks who plays Joan – and also a typically (but wittily, in classic NYM style) episode summary of the first two seasons.

I am so envious of all those based in the US who get to see the first episode of season three tonight. To quote from Monty Python: “you lucky, lucky bastards.”


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