Young, gifted and Tory … or Independent

Young, gifted and Tory … or Independent

A little more here from the Sunday Times about both Chloe Smith and what the Tory party are doing to attract women.

This is obviously a media topic du jour, as the Observer ran a similar piece on 12th July. I find it very odd to find myself leaning towards a party which has never before had the slightest political appeal, but I do now feel as if the Tories have picked up on the zietgeist surrounding female power.

Is it a coincidence that Gordon Brown is said to “use women as female window dressing” according to former minister Caroline Flint – and that Labour seem to have left this field wide open for the other parties?

And of course, as of yesterday we have veteran campaigner and broadcaster Esther Rantzen standing as an Independent MP in Luton South, another constituency bruised and battered by the expenses scandal. I admire Esther’s courage and integrity but I wonder what her platform will be? Unlike Chloe Smith, she’s not a young woman replacing an older man, but is in fact an older woman replacing a younger – so her election won’t move the needle on the number of female MPs in the HoC (a mere 19%, in case anyone’s wondering, and as we were reminded with force at last night’s Downing Street Project meeting).

Good luck, Esther …


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